Bubble Wrap


Here’s a recap from the Chilled Air opening at Think Tank in LA this summer. I curated the show with my buddy Austin England. It was so much fun!


Steve Guisinger, the founder of Consolidated launched an anti-Nike public relations campaign in August of 1997. The slogan, “Don’t Do It” discouraged skaters from supporting Nike and other large sporting goods companies. “They were a threat,” said Guisinger, who hasn’t abandoned his campaign. “My fear was that if we acknowledged they were a skate company they could bypass the industry. But no one bought their products or gave them credibility.”There are still a small handful of companies who still look at skateboarding the way Consolidated does, and there are a handful of skaters who have enough integrity to say “Fuck Nike”. Unfortunately, integrity seems to be a trait that is few and far in between with today’s younger generation of skaters

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